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Sunday, April 12, 2009

1877-CC Dime NGC MS-61

Here's my 1877-CC Dime. You can see the rough texture of the surfaces. It looks like a coin that spent some time in the West in the late 19th century!

(You can see a larger image of my dime in the Gallery of "CC" Coin Images in the righthand column on this page.)

Other C40A members: Show us some pictures of your "CC" coins!

Garry N.


Belay Off said...

Thanks for posting the pic Garry.
Despite any rough texture, this is a nice dime. Is the gold-copperish color we see on the blog site pretty accurate? If so, that's attractive. does your coin have substantial clash marks on the reverse?

Belay Off

GarryN said...

yes there does seem to be some copper toning on the coin particularly the reverse. I cant detect any clash marks on the reverse, but there does seem to be a clash mark to the right of Liberty's head. You can barely see it in the photo. It looks liike a lump protruding from the back of Liberty's head. There also seems to be a smaller clash mark in fron of her face. I dont see anything on the reverse.

And thanks Marie for fixing up the photo and putting it in the gallery.